Worker’s Comp Cases vs. Injury Cases

When you are trying to get legal funding, the type of case that you have and how strong it is plays a major part in whether you get approved. Two types of cases that take a long time to settle are worker’s comp cases and injury cases. Due to the lengthy process and the often high payouts on these cases, petitioners (the persons requesting the cases) can get loans on the payouts.

Understanding Worker’s Comp Lawsuits

Worker’s comp cases involve employers and employees. Usually an employee will have been injured on the job and denied compensation. This compensation is called worker’s compensation. Employers have to compensate employees who were injured on the job, as long as it was an accident and the employee was not impaired. However, in many cases, employers refuse to compensate the employee, forcing the employee to enter a lawsuit.

Employers often try very hard to avoid paying the worker’s compensation. Even when the lawsuit is entered, the employer will likely fight it. The process is long and drawn out, at times, forcing the employee to either settle or get a loan to keep going to court until the lawsuit is won. This takes both time and money, which is why lawsuit loans are so popular.

The lawsuit loan allows you to borrow against the expected settlement. The lawyer often knows about how much the settlement will be, because they will ask for a certain amount in the suit. This amount includes lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. If you have a strong case, you can finance your legal fees and borrow against the settlement. These loans work the same way in injury cases, which are different from worker’s comp cases.

Understanding Injury Lawsuits

Injury cases also involve two parties, but the petitioner is the person injured, and the respondent is the person, business, or entity that caused the injury. For example, if you slip and fall in a store, and it’s obvious on tape that the store is at fault, you can sue for your injuries. This would make the store the respondent to the lawsuit.

With injury cases, you can sue for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The greater the injury, the larger your case is. Usually these cases settle outside of a courtroom. Most businesses, and home and car owners, carry insurance that pays out when the case settles. However, it is possible for the petitioner to sue for an amount above and beyond what the insurance covers. When this happens, the case usually goes to court.

Worker’s comp and injury cases are somewhat similar. Both involve a person creating a lawsuit over injuries. In a worker’s comp cases, the petitioner is an employee who was injured. In injury cases, the petitioner is a person who was injured due to another person’s fault. Car accidents are the most common type of injury case. Both types of cases usually settle, but they can go to court when neither party can agree to compensation. When this happens, the petitioner usually has to finance the legal fees in order to fight for their money.

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