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Global Injury Funding is a third party litigation company that’s here to help you with lawsuit funding for your case. Whether you’re seeking lawsuit cash for a pending motor vehicle accident case, personal injury lawsuit or other legal case, we have services available to get you the cash you need while waiting for your case to settle.

Our services include:

-          Pre-Settlement Funding

-          Lawsuit Cash Advances

-          Commercial Litigation Financing

-          Motor Vehicle Accident Funding

-          Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding

-          Slip and Fall Funding

-          And more!

Obtaining the lawsuit funding you need from Global Injury Funding is quick and easy. Complete a no-obligation free evaluation or give us a call and we’ll get you the lawsuit cash you need within 24-hours of submitting your application in most cases. Don’t wait for your bills to start stacking up, contact us now!

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  • When authoring comments please try to include the Who? What? Where? When? and How? surrounding the circumstances of the accident.

    The more information we have initially, the better we can evaluate your situation.

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