Pre-Settlement Funding

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

For people who have sustained serious personal injury due to another party’s negligence, it’s often a smart move to file a lawsuit in order to secure a settlement or judgment that may provide compensation for their suffering. Individuals in this position tend to find themselves between a rock and a hard place: Court cases usually proceed quite slowly, and the plaintiff may have suffered lingering injuries that leave them unable to earn money while the wait drags on. In recent years, pre-settlement lawsuit funding has arisen as a practical option for those who need financial help during prolonged litigation. This is a way of getting a cash advance that doesn’t have to be paid back until your settlement comes through.

So how does a pre-settlement cash advance work? It’s simple. If your claim qualifies, we’ll send you the funds that you have been approved for. You will not have to pay us a dime until you have been awarded your money through the litigation process. If you fail to win a settlement or judgment, then you will owe us nothing—we shoulder all the risks. Even people with bad credit can qualify, as the evaluation process is based on the likelihood that you will receive your settlement, not on your past financial situation.

As one of the leading pre-settlement funding companies active today, Global Injury Funding has come to the aid of many plaintiffs who needed financial assistance. To get your advance, simply follow this simple procedure:

  • Fill Out and Send the Evaluation Form: Our online evaluation is free of charge, and all information is confidential.
  • Evaluation Phase: We determine whether your claim qualifies for a pre-settlement cash advance.
  • Sign the Agreement: Once we have approved your application, you and your attorney will sign our simple agreement.
  • Receive the Funds in 24 Hours: Most applicants will receive their money in about 24 hours after you return the signed agreement.

Call us at (800) 980-2278 for further information about our pre-settlement lawsuit funding services.

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