Lawsuit Cash Advances

Lawsuit Cash Advances

For plaintiffs in personal injury cases, lawsuit cash advance funding can provide a lifeline by giving them the resources they need to manage their expenses while litigation continues. Also known as advance loans on settlements, these payments need to be returned only if and when the plaintiff is awarded their money from the defendant. Advance settlement loans can sound too good to be true, as the plaintiff seemingly has little to lose from such an arrangement. With lawsuit funding cash advances, there are no monthly payments or upfront fees; we get our money only at the end of the litigation process. Getting a cash advance for a lawsuit is increasingly common these days for plaintiffs in personal injury cases, and the procedure is entirely legal, providing an excellent bargain for all parties involved.

This type of funding is often called a “non-recourse” cash advance—this simply means that the funder assumes all risks. In other words, if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Therefore, these cash advances aren’t really “loans” at all. However, there is an application process during which we weigh a variety of factors to determine whether it’s worth the risk of handing over a cash advance for a pending lawsuit. The process follows four steps:

  • Submit the Free Evaluation Form: Fill out the online evaluation—it’s free and confidential.
  • Evaluation Stage: We analyze the information you provided to determine whether your claim qualifies for cash advance funding.
  • Sign Our Agreement: After approval, you and your attorney will be asked to sign an agreement form.
  • Receive Funds in 24 Hours: In the majority of cases, you can expect to receive your loan in around 24 hours.

For more about our lawsuit funding cash advances, call us at (800) 980-2278.

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