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Evaluating Lawsuit Loans & Legal Advances at Global Injury Funding

At Global Injury Funding, we’ve helped hundreds of plaintiffs receive lawsuit loans, in the form of cash advances, before their cases are settled. In addition to offering financial relief, a lawsuit cash advance is risk-free, quick, and affordable.

Whether you’re in need of lawsuit loans, pre-settlement funding, or third party litigation financing, we offer a variety of legal funding services, and a free online evaluation process. Once you’ve completed your application for our free and personalized lawsuit funding evaluation, review the items below to get an understanding of what you can expect while we evaluate and assess your legal funding needs.

Submitting Your Free Legal Funding Evaluation

When submitting your free evaluation, simply provide your attorney’s contact information, and we’ll contact them directly to gather all documents and information related to your case. At Global Injury Funding, we take great pride in your security and protection, so rest assured in knowing our free evaluation process is 100% confidential and safe.

Evaluating & Approving Your Litigation Funding Case

While reviewing your online application, we don’t place all emphasis on your credit score. Instead, our team closely examines the strength and viability of your claim to determine your eligibility for any of our lawsuit, settlement, or legal funding programs.

When facing a legal battle, finances can quickly become tight. Without the security of a bottomless emergency fund, many find themselves wondering how they’ll get by – that’s where we come in. Our clients come from all backgrounds and walks of life, but all we see is your case, and that’s what we’re dedicated to.

As a premier lawsuit funding company, we’re proud to offer our financial services and guidance to everyone who needs it. At Global Injury Funding, we’re always on your side. Let our team of litigation financing experts show you just how affordable your case can be. Contact us at (800) 980-2278 to learn more about our legal funding evaluations.

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  • When authoring comments please try to include the Who? What? Where? When? and How? surrounding the circumstances of the accident.

    The more information we have initially, the better we can evaluate your situation.

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